Extended Summer Facilities

OPEN UNTIL Sept 26, 2021

Central, Downey, Fernangeles, Green Meadows, Hollywood, Harvard, North Hollywood, Northridge, Pan Pacific, Reseda, Ritchie Valens, Ross Snyder, Sepulveda, South Park, Stoner Park, Sun Valley, Sylmar, Valley Plaza, Westchester, Woodland Hills, Yosemite

NOTE: Most pools will only open 3pm-7pm weekdays and 1pm-5pm on weekends. Please contact them to confirm schedule.


Aquacise offers low to high intensity workouts that promote cardiovascular fitness, conditioning, increased flexibility and range of motion. For Ages 10 and up
4 week course/ 8 classes Time: 7:00 p.m.—7:45 p.m.
Cost: $40.00 per course, $5.00 walk-in
$32.00 for seniors, $4.00 walk-in
Tuesday/ Thursday
Session 1 Sept 21 - Oct 14Sept 18
Session 2Oct 19 - Nov 11Oct 16
Session 3 Nov 16 - Dec 16Nov 13
Wednesday/ Friday
Session 1Sept 22 - Oct 15Jan 4
Session 2Oct 20 - Nov 15Oct 16
Session 3Nov 17 - Dec 17Nov 13